Master Data Review and Cleansing

Management Consulting



Objective: To cleanse and align material master data for effective sourcing and procurement of items, and establish an ongoing master data creation and cleansing process.

Overview: Material master data is the foundation for effective sourcing, procurement and management of items and ultimately inventory control and cash invested. Our client required a significant amount of items to be harmonized across multiple locations to ensure that common items are identified, with all mandatory fields having correcting information available. A total of 27 000 items were reviewed covering the following key elements:

  • Description, part numbers, technical specifications, stock category
  • Suppliers and manufacturers
  • Demand planning parameters ranging from  MRP method, reorder points, maximum stock levels, lead times and lot sizes
  • Pricing and costing method
  • Storage and bin locations

The execution of the project was managed through algorithmic approaches where possible, and an intensive review where required. This provided the most cost effective approach to review such a vast amount of data.


  • Identified common items between locations
  • Developed processes for effective creation and ongoing cleansing of master data

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