In the declared state of National Disaster, as citizens our responsibility is to implement new measures to ensure we contribute our part in curbing the scourge of Covid-19 for the greater global good.

We want to ensure continued customer service, and are committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and clients. Accordingly, our employees are working remotely to enable social distancing and in line with business continuity protocols. Our teams working remotely have secure access to all our systems and will be able to serve our clients adequately. Some instances might require on-site activities which will be controlled in close management with the client and will follow the protocol as set out in the Act implemented by the government, as Strategnos has been registered as an essential service.


While ensuring safety at all times, Strategnos is committed to supporting our Clients and guarantee that wherever you are, South Africa or throughout the world, Strategnos is here to support you and your business.


Thank you for your continued support
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Strategnos was started in 1999 with the belief that business success can be achieved through disciplined execution of strategy supported by industry specific knowledge. The Strategnos name has its origins in the Greek “Strategia” and “Gnosi” meaning Strategy and Knowledge, respectively.

Strategnos is a management consulting company with a core focus on implementing Business and Supply Chain Solutions. We seek to build your business through Integration Strategy and Knowledge, on the premise that no one knows your strategy or business better than you do. With a strong capability in understanding an organisation’s strategy and its core purpose, we provide the necessary solutions and support.  Strategic execution however cannot be successful in the absence of knowledge. Strategnos prides itself on its ability to acquire the necessary specific knowledge to develop practical solutions and apply these to the issue at hand.



  • Highly effective people
  • Project Management Discipline
  • The ability to understand key issues within the business and work with the client to ultimately  bring about solutions
  • Industry Specific Analytical Tools
  • Industry Specific Experience and Knowledge





Our client portfolio ranges from medium size, highly entrepreneurial organisations to large, listed corporations. Using sound business practice as a guiding principle our approach to client projects is never restricted by methods and theories.  Business process and empirical data provide the foundation of analysis and information which enable Strategnos to provide guidance and pragmatic solutions to align the client for business success.




Solutions are developed on the basis of qualitative assessments of client’s current challenges or requirements.
With practical solutions established, quantitative analysis (evaluation) a disciplined project management approach will drive solutions to implementation.

Strategnos will interact with all levels of the organization in order to gain contextual insights into the unique challenges and culture of our client’s business

Through a pragmatic approach Strategnos will assess the challenges and determine specific solutions aligned to the strategy of the organisation. Both short term easy to implement solutions as well as medium to long term solutions are provided.

Once agreed with the client, a project plan with specific milestones and deliverables is defined and implemented with the organization’s management team

Regular reviews are conducted to ensure the outcome is delivered within deadline and budget


  • Technical Knowledge
  • Analytical Capability
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Skills
  • Facilitation Skills

Technical Knowledge
Our team have a strong technical understanding of supply chain and business processes. This serves as the foundation to our ability to provide sound advice to our clients.

Analytical Capability
The Strategnos team has an exceptional ability to think creatively in order to solve both quantitative and qualitative problems.

Interpersonal Skills
No solution can be implemented without the support and buy in of the people that such solutions impact. We therefore place significant emphasis on our team’s ability to engage with our clients beyond the technical and analytical components of an implementation.

Project Management Skills
Strategnos prides itself on being a highly effective team, using a highly disciplined project management approach, ensuring deadlines are met, within the defined budget in order to achieve the the client’s outcomes.

Commercial Skills
Throughout any project, our team is ever conscious of commercial implications of decisions. By thinking broader than the project itself, the Strategnos team will ensure that decisions taken do not have an unexpected negative impact on other aspects of our clients business.

Facilitation Skills
Ensuring an effective strategic meeting or workshop can be a challenge. In some cases, it requires an effective facilitator to ensure that the discussion does not stray from meeting its objective, all parties have an opportunity to be heard and outcomes are documented with specific responsibilities and dates.


I am accountable and treat others with respect

Inspiring | Renewing | Dynamic – I create and improve

I care | I am disciplined | I am passionate and deliver on time

Competence Reliability | I constantly strive to deliver service excellence

Partnering with colleagues and clients | Building confidence

We Are Across The World



“I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you provided to us. Your attention to detail made the experience even better than I expected. I will recommend your establishment to others in the future.”

Chris Mangaliso - Associate Director – Head of QA & Responsible Pharmacist, CIPLA.


“Strategnos really proved in a short period of time that their knowledge and expertise in the field of validation is what sets them apart from other role players. Strategnos’ operates with integrity, their work is professional and thorough. ”

Estee du Toit - Supply Chain Developer, CHEP.


“The Strategnos team were hands-on from the first enquiry till the final report, keeping me in the loop on the progress the whole time. They handled it effortlessly. They are specialists in the work that they do. Strategnos exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend them!”

Engela Basset - Responsible Pharmacist, Orion ILS, Bloemfontein.


“I need to commend Strategnos for always being extremely professional and always deliver on the agreed project deliverables. We have received only positive feedback from other providers who dealt with you in the past and it is comforting to know we are in good hands. Thank you for everything and looking forward to a long and successful relationship”

Dirk Blom - GM Operations Support & Compliance, Imperial Retail Logistics.


“Thank you for the consultation and advice. Strategnos is a valuable partner in compliance”

Werner Uys - Responsible Pharmacist, Transpharm Western Cape.


Office is closed

Strategnos will be closed on Friday the 28th of April.  Should you need to contact us urgently please call

Theano Kosmas on 082 451 8487.





Come see us at our offices in Bedfordview


30 Selwyn Road





South Africa


P.O. Box 46512

Orange Grove



Contact information :

Tel: 011 453 1020/4/5

Fax: 011 453 1035


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