Integrating People, Process and Systems

We work with your teams in facilitated workshops to ensure alignment across teams, build effective business processes and  solidify knowledge across your business.
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We solve unique and complex challenges in pharmaceutical, mining, FMCG and direct selling industries.

The Knowledge Bean

Strategnos' evolved PDCA cycle

turning data into actionable insights for continuous improvement, helping clients achieve goals in a dynamic business environment.
Enhanced Decision-Making:
Converts data into actionable insights, leading to better decisions.
Continuous Improvement:
Promotes ongoing enhancement through a refined PDCA cycle.
Goal Achievement:
Supports clients in reaching goals amid rapid business changes.


We start with a clear, strategic plan. This involves identifying a problem or opportunity, understanding its context, and developing a strategy to address it.


We then put the plan into action. This involves implementing the changes and monitoring the process closely.

Check (Knowledge Bean)

Our approach differs from the traditional PDCA cycle by transforming data into meaningful information during the 'Check' stage. This information becomes dynamic knowledge, fostering deep understanding, learning, and growth.


We act on gained knowledge by adjusting plans, scaling successful changes, or identifying new opportunities. This knowledge feeds back into planning, enhancing each cycle's effectiveness.

Get your team on the same page and achieve business outcomes through Strategic Alignment and Execution.

Strategic Planning

Business Management System

Learning and Knowledge Management

Change Management

Strategic Planning

Team Effectiveness

Team effectiveness optimizes team dynamics, communication, and performance, enhancing collaboration, resolving conflicts, and boosting skills for an aligned, energized team.
Improved Collaboration
Conflict Resolution
Skill Development
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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning defines long-term goals and strategies, sets objectives, analyzes environments, and creates actionable plans, resulting in agreed strategic objectives and action plans.
Clear Direction
Informed Decision-Making
Actionable Plans
Business Management System

Create a stronger foundation for growth with our BMS services.

Our BMS services optimize operations by aligning people, processes, and systems through process definition, design, and implementation, using process models, SOPs, job descriptions, and tailored training.

We do this through three core phases:
Process Framework and Definition
Executional Process Design and Alignment
BMS Implementation and Training

Business Management System

Process Framework and Definition:

We build a solid foundation by creating detailed process models and maps, ensuring clear understanding and improved communication.
Process Model:
A model that describes your organization’s high-level processes
Process Mapping:
Using the process model, we map each detailed process with cross-functional diagrams to clearly indicate roles and responsibilities for each task.

Executional Process Design and Alignment:

We develop comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, and accurate Job Descriptions that streamline daily operations.
Standard Operating Procedures & Work Instructions: 

Using process maps, we create detailed SOPs outlining business rules, principles, and best practices for each process.
Job Descriptions:
We develop comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, and accurate Job Descriptions that streamline daily operations.
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Business Management System

BMS Implementation and Training:

With tailored employee training via our Online Learning Management System, we promote competence and continuous improvement of SOPs and Work Instructions.
Training Matrix & Execution:
Our Online Learning Management System delivers the appropriate SOPs and Work Instructions for training, short quizzes and collecting feedback for continuous improvement.

Business Management System

From BMS to QMS ISO 9001

Quality management procedures ensure continuous improvement and sustainability of a BMS by maintaining and enhancing product, service, and process quality.

These procedures include:
setting objectives
conducting audits
implementing corrective actions
reducing costs
driving improvement
monitoring customer satisfaction
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Learning and Knowledge Management

One Version of the Truth

Our Learning and Knowledge Management service ensures a consistent, accurate, and current information source by centralizing knowledge and standardizing processes.

This fosters trust, reliability, reduces errors, and enhances collaboration among team members.
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Learning and Knowledge Management

Self-Service Access Aligned to Roles and Training Matrix

Empower your team with self-service access to role-specific knowledge and learning resources integrated with your training matrix.

This ensures all team members have the necessary tools and information for efficient task performance.
Improved Efficiency
Enhanced Skill Development
Consistent Performance

Ensure that your team not only accesses the necessary information but also comprehends it thoroughly.

Verification of Understanding:
Our verification of understanding processes include:
practical evaluations

Learning and Knowledge Management

Feedback Loop

Our feedback loop mechanism gathers insights from users about the training materials and processes, allowing for ongoing refinement and enhancement.

This feedback is invaluable in identifying gaps, improving content, and ensuring that the learning experience remains relevant and impactful.
Change Management

Engage and Understand Current Context

Our Change Management service starts with in-depth engagement to grasp your organization's current context, including practices, culture, and challenges.

This informs a customized change strategy aligned with your specific goals and circumstances.
Effective Strategy Development
Increased Stakeholder Buy-in
Minimized Resistance
A group of people sitting around a table with papers.
A group of people sitting around a table with a laptop.

Change Management

Align Challenges to Future Vision

We help you map out a clear path from where you are now to where you want to be.

By identifying potential obstacles and aligning them with your long-term goals, we ensure that your change initiatives are both strategic and achievable.

Process and Business Rule Updates

Effective change management often requires updating processes and business rules. We assist in revising and optimizing these elements to support your future vision.
Our approach ensures that new processes are seamlessly integrated into your operations, enhancing efficiency and supporting sustainable growth.
Improved Efficiency
Enhanced Adaptability
Consistency and Compliance
Support for Innovation
Facilitated Scalability

Change Management

Communication and Iteration

We establish robust communication channels to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the change process.

By continuously iterating based on feedback and evolving needs, we ensure that the change initiatives remain relevant and effective.

Change Management

Empowerment through Training and Understanding

We provide comprehensive training programs designed to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to new processes and systems.

By fostering a deep understanding of the changes, we empower your team to embrace and champion the transformation, ensuring lasting success.
Strategic Alignment and Execution

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