Business | Strategic Supply Chain Review

A critical review of a client’s supply chain or business functions as it relates to people, processes and systems in order to identify redundant activities, gaps, deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

  • The Key Performance Areas are defined and the related Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are quantified to serve as a baseline to measure improvements.
  • Initiatives to remedy and improve issues are identified in the review.
  • Once initiatives have been agreed a clear project plan, with the specific solutions, are defined and executed.
  • A post implementation review is conducted to measure the success of The implementation of the initiatives


Cost Reduction
Improved Efficiency
Higher Customer Service

Implementation Management

Implementation of new initiatives within an organisation often requires significant input and effort from Executives and Managers with limited time. Strategnos has the capacity and capability to assist organisations in such initiatives at various levels:

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Process Definition and Analytical Support


Effective implementation
Risk management

Business Management Systems

A Business Management System provides a platform to record all business processes for reference and training of current and future staff members. This allows for standardized execution of processes for effectiveness and efficiency. The Business Management System provides a central repository of all business structures, job descriptions, processes, procedures, work instructions, forms and records to ensure consistent process execution and customer service.


Documentation of Current Business Process
Alignment of Staff to Business Processes
Improved Team Synergy
Business Continuity for Improved Succession Planning

Inventory Management

A typical problem in most companies is having too much inventory of what is not required and not enough of the required inventory. Based on sound inventory and demand planning principles, current inventory levels are analysed to determine the optimal order and inventory on hand quantities. The objective being to improve service levels and optimize cash flow.


Improved Service Levels
Reduction in Redundant Stock
Reduce Investment in Stock (Free up working capital)


Ensuring an effective strategic meeting or workshop can be a challenge. In some cases, it requires an effective facilitator to ensure that the discussion does not stray from meeting its objectives, all parties have an opportunity to be heard and outcomes are documented with specific responsibilities and dates. Strategnos provides experienced facilitators to oversee such meetings and workshops to ensure that these are run in a structured manner, that conversation and input is integrated and formally documented to ensure that the objectives are met.


Strategic Facilitation
Change Management
Crisis Management
Organisation Change Management
IT implementation facilitation
Supplier and Customer Alignment




The Strategnos team will interpret the requirements and develop a project plan to assist clients in meeting these requirements. We will structure and implement a Quality Management System (QMS) as the foundation for implementation of any regulation, standard or guideline. Using proprietary templates the appropriate procedures, forms and records will be documented based on inputs from the client. Change management and training underpin the project plan in order to ensure the entire organisation is aligned with the requirements.



ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Requirements
ISO 22716 – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
ISO 13485 – Medical Devices Quality Management Systems
ISO 17025 – General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
Good Warehouse Practice (GWP)


Managing and maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) in line with any of the above standards or guidelines is a challenging task. Ensure proper document control and standardization is key. Strategnos can assist clients in ensuring that the QMS is maintained and up to date all times in an audit ready state.


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